Landscaping to help sell home

Landscaping to help sell home

There is nothing more appealing than a freshly painted house that is accompanied by crisp, green grass and vibrant colors of flowers surrounding the exterior of the home. After all, first impressions mean a lot in the home industry. There are many houses that are absolutely stunning on the inside but leave much to be desired when looking from outside. The hard work and money you put into finishing up the interior shouldn’t go unseen because of the lack of design on the exterior.

One of the most stressful times a homeowner can face is when the time comes to move on and sell the home. With the housing market being in the weeds for the past few years, home owners are doing whatever it takes to make up for what they’ve lost in terms of value when they purchased the home and what they are going to get back when they sell it.

At Scapes, Inc., we provide homes of the Dallas area with impeccable landscaping designs that spruce up the look of the home and increase the value. We want to help you with some tips on how to brighten up your curb appeal before you try and sell your home:

 1. Don’t let containers be an eye sore for your design

Planting flowers in pots or any type of container is a nice alternative to planting them in the dirt; you can rearrange them without the hassle of digging them up and you can take them out of the sun or rain and put them back in whenever you please. But you shouldn’t let them stand out in a negative way while the rest of your landscaping is beautiful. Instead, make them pop or help them blend in! Consider painting them or putting some sort of cover on them to hide the boring dull look they came with.

2. Revive the mulch

If there is one thing that can make your yard’s landscaping design seem dried out, besides the obvious dead grass, it’s dried out mulch that has lost its rich, chocolate brown color and has become a dry, unappealing light brown. Before you put your house on the market, be sure to give some life back to your mulch by adding new bags of it. It will also enhance the look of your flowers.

3. Add color

Beautiful and vibrant flowers that can survive through the heat of a Dallas summer, like Black-Eyed Susans and Homestead Verbenas, make your house pop and look alive. They’ll give people, especially a family, the desire to want to live there because it will seem well-kept and inviting. Try and find as many colors as you can and disperse them throughout your yard while mixing them together.

4. Tree Trimming

If you have a lot of trees or shrubbery that you feel may be blocking everyone from viewing your landscaping designs, contact Scapes, Inc. and we can assist you with all tree trimming services you need. By trimming the shrubs and trees, you’ll be able to keep the yard looking kept and tidy while offering visitors a chance to fully take in the beauty of your entire home.

Follow these tips and tricks before you put your home on the market. Remember to contact us for our Dallas tree trimming services today and any other landscaping services we could assist you with

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